Olive Branch (An Open Letter to Clinton Supporters)

Dear Clinton supporters,

I want to address some recent allegations that women are yet again being told to “sit down and shut up” in respect to HRC’s failed candidacy. I think it’s sad that some look at Hillary Clinton, a woman who almost won the popular vote (I’m not counting Puerto Rico because they don’t vote in the general), and think that she’s being told to “sit down and shut up.” The reason that Hillary Clinton lost the nomination is because of a badly conceived campaign strategy that ended on February 5th, a disregard for the caucus states, and a largely negative tone. She did not lose because she is a woman, and it is a disservice to future female candidates for the presidency to create an false aura of prejudice in respect to Mrs. Clinton. Instead, we should look at how many people were willing to vote for a female candidate! America collectively owes itself a pat on the back for not conforming to sexism as it has previously.

One might argue that I’m not acknowledging the small instances of sexism, (remember “Iron our shirts”?) but what they don’t acknowledge is that there will always be elements of prejudice, i.e. West Virginia and the 20% of voters who said race was a factor in their vote. In this election, that prejudice has seemed pretty nominal overall. We’ve had record voter turnout for a black man and a woman.

The fact that we’ve had record turnout for a black man and a woman really demonstrates what the Democratic party is all about- progressive policies, acceptance of all religions, colors, and genders, and a desire for change. Clinton supporters, I know there’s a lot of bad blood out there in respect to the relations between both democratic candidates, but let’s take a look at what a revenge vote for John McCain would get us:

1. A foreign policy identical to that of George W. Bush, fear tactics and all

2. An economic policy identical to that of George W. Bush (tax cuts for the wealthy, trillions of dollars added to the deficit, and billions taken from frivolous things like medical research).

3. A Supreme Court with a majority of conservative justices- a Court that will turn back the clock on human rights. John McCain vows to work to overturn Roe v. Wade.

4. A man whose campaign has been rife with lobbyists (his economic advisor helped fight against victims of home foreclosure!)

5. Someone who has changed policy positions countless times based on political convenience. (see video in my post “McCain falls off the straight talk express again. and again. and again”)

So when you threaten to vote for McCain in November, think of the message you’ll be sending. A vote for McCain equals a vote for what we have right now. Are you happy with the way things are right now? If not, then remember what it means to be a Democrat. Hillary wants to beat McCain at all costs, so help her carry out that mission. That is how you can truly honor her, not by voting for her would-be opponent.

John McCain has been sitting on the sidelines silently, hoping for the Democrats to self-destruct when their win in November is almost certain. Let’s prove them wrong by rising above our intrapartisan squabbling and unifying behind the the Democratic nominee. I extend the Olive Branch to all Hillary supporters and hope that we can come together knowing that this fall is our time for victory. As Hillary has often says, “The goal is to have a Democrat in the White House.”

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