McCain proposes yet another continuation of the Bush administration. His target? The Supreme Court.

   John McCain uses the word “elitist” like the Spanish Inquisition used the word “heretic”- assuming that each mention of the Word will make everyday people quake in fear with each tri-syllabic utterance. He’s been proved right.

    Barack Obama, former Chicago community organizer and son of a single mom is now the “elitist” whilst Hillary Clinton, the woman who admittedly hasn’t pumped her own gas in years, becomes the blue-collar queen.

    The word “elitist” is being used by John McCain to describe the judges that Obama or Clinton would favor for a Supreme Court nomination. He warns us of “judicial activists”- the horror!- that “don’t seem to mind at all when fundamental questions of social policy are preemptively decided by judges instead of by the people and their elected representatives.”

    While a Cheney aide was subpoenaed to testify to the questionable interrogation practices of the Bush administration, it hardly seems like the time to, as McCain would guarantee, have an entirely conservative Court.

 McCain has, during his political career, pushed for a lifting of the law that bars the death penalty from being used for criminals under 18 years of age. He vows that, as President, he would also push to overturn Roe v. Wade, and would likely be successful with an all-conservative Court at his command.

    Americans must take much into consideration when deciding who they want to elect as President. A little-discussed but imperative question is that of the nomination of Supreme Court Justices. John McCain, seeking to shore up conservative support, vows to model his Supreme Court appointees after George W. Bush‘s.

    We can be certain that the advent of an all-conservative court would drastically affect our way of life. We can be certain that harsher interrogation techniques would be more easily approved. We can be certain that there will be a battle over Roe v. Wade- and that the effects of that battle will affect women across America.

    It is not responsible for democrats, who may be frustrated by the eventual choice of nominee, to suddenly transfer their votes to John McCain. To do so would equal waging war on liberal ideas from inside the party.