HRC Singlehandedly “Assassinates” Chances of “Dream Ticket”

“My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. You know I just, I don’t understand it.” -Hillary Clinton, trying to justify her decision to remain in the race despite calls for her to exit. In doing so, she (unecessarily) references Bobby Kennedy’s assassination as an example of another campaign that went until June.

Here are the results of Hillary Clinton’s statement: No dream ticket, alienation from the democratic party, and disgust from people like me who thought that she would leave this contest with some dignity.

However, nobody should be surprised that she took the low road yet again. Like someone who is just waking up from a good dream (in her case, while sleeping in a pantsuit), her eyes are still shut as she tries with all her might to cling to the last fleeting images of her dream world, because she lucidly knows that it won’t be the same once her eyes open.

What Hillary Clinton said cannot be ignored. It is not merely another gaffe in a sequence of gaffes, but rather an invocation of a national tragedy that occurred in 1968 in reference to the first black man to have a real chance at the presidency. It was unforgivably insensitive to mention RFK’s assassination on the heels of Ted Kennedy’s recent brain cancer diagnosis, especially in the blasé fashion that she mentioned it.

Furthermore, using RFK’s June campaign as justification for her to remain in the race until June is completely inaccurate, because RFK didn’t begin campaigning in 1968 until March, and her husband likewise began campaigning at a later date than she did. It is not the same thing.

The superdelegates need to stop being gutless wonders- While Hillary Clinton has been saying things that are more and more divisive as her desperation grows (i.e. comparing the DNC’s punishment of Florida and Michigan to the kind of discrimination that fueled the civil rights movement, even though that comparison is ludicrous at best and intended to affect the very uninformed and the very dimwitted) she continues to be a distraction and a liability for the democratic party. The superdelegates need to end this by moving en masse to support Obama, and they need to end it now.

For Hillary Clinton, the first candidate to say that delegates would determine the winner of the democratic primary election, to act like the delegate system is some bizarre loophole as opposed to the legitimate system of election is nothing short of ridiculous.

If Obama had, like Hillary, kept resetting the benchmark for winning the primary, he’d have been out by now. If Obama had lied about sniper fire, he would’ve been out by now. If Obama had lost ten straight contests, he’d have been out by now. Hillary is now only in the race because she’s Hillary.

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