“Dream ticket” a nightmare

There has been a lot of speculation both in the media and amongst us ordinary folk about the possibility of a “dream ticket” of Obama-Clinton. While I understand the rationale behind this idea, I think that the “dream” would prove to be a nightmare. Here are the three most common arguments for an Obama-Clinton ticket and why they aren’t strong enough to justify its existence.

Argument 1: Clinton’s supporters won’t vote for Obama. Therefore, she needs to be his running mate.

Why it doesn’t hold up: Clinton supporters are still democrats, and when the general election begins, democrats will see the clear contrast between John McC (aka GWB’s third term) and Barack Obama, and they will vote for the democrat. John McC is not a viable alternative to a democratic candidate. Those who say they’ll vote for him instead of Obama are short-sighted and unwilling to give up the dream for Clinton- and if they really will vote for John McC instead of Obama, then they’re idiots.

Argument 2: Hillary wins swing states that Obama can’t win.

Why it doesn’t hold up: First of all, Obama is redefining the electoral map. He is bringing in states for the democratic party that have been red states for some time. Secondly, does anybody really think Californians will vote for a pro-life Republican candidate over Obama?

Argument 3: There’s so much excitement and voter turnout for these two candidates that we risk losing the voter turnout if we don’t have a “dream ticket.”

Why it doesn’t hold up: As in my previous refutation, if Obama is the nominee, Hillary supporters will not flock in droves to John McC. It just won’t happen. However, if Hillary is the nominee, you can bet that many African American voters won’t vote. The ratio of African American Obama supporters to African American Hillary supporters is 9:1. If Hillary is nominated at this point, with the math against her, it will look like she stole the nomination from Obama. Which, in effect, is exactly what it would be. In order for her to win, (though even discussing this is far-fetched and I wouldn’t be discussing it at all if Obama’s and Clinton’s roles were reversed) Michigan and Florida would have to count. Neither of the “elections” in these states were true elections. Obama and Edwards pulled their names off the ballot in Michigan because they knew that the date set for the primary was outside party rules. Hillary, however, let her name remain on the ballot (because when has she actually cared about rules?) and picked up the votes. She even said in October that “Michigan won’t count for anything and everyone knows that.” In Florida, all candidates were forbidden from campaigning because the date set for the primary was likewise illegal according to democratic party rules. Now Hillary wants the vote to count. She wants two states that conducted their primaries illegally to essentially tip the popular vote scale in her favor. She wants illegal primaries to determine the outcome of the election, which in my mind equals a nomination theft.

Furthermore, all gramps would have to do is replay that clip of Hillary saying “John McCain and I both have a lifetime of experience” over and over again if she were Obama’s running mate.

We won’t lose voters sans-“dream ticket” because they will be energized by the general election- the contrast of old vs. new, progress vs. maintaining the status quo, inspiration vs. complete lack of vision- and they will unite behind Obama. He doesn’t need Clinton, but she needs him.

Also, Clinton seems to have an unnerving effect on Obama, and is, as the NYT called her, his “jane jinx.” He needs a running mate who likewise voted against the Iraq war (we need to have a distinct contrast with John McC on that topic) and who will fit in with Obama’s message of hope, inspiration, and a return to America’s greatness. HRC is not that candidate.

Coming soon: The real “dream ticket” and who’s on it.


“We will end it by telling the truth”

The following is an excerpt from Barack Obama’s speech that was made following his win in NC and virtual tie in IN.

Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee because he says “not this time” to all the cynics and doubters, to all those who think that you can only play in the political arena by taking cheap shots, and to all those who underestimate the voters and think that blatant, old-school pandering will win elections. To “Change We Can Believe In,” Barack Obama and the United States of America say “Yes, we can.”

“We will end it this time not because I’m perfect – I think by now this campaign has reminded all of us of that.  We will end it not by duplicating the same tactics and the same strategies as the other side, because that will just lead us down the same path of polarization and gridlock.  

We will end it by telling the truth – forcefully, repeatedly, confidently – and by trusting that the American people will embrace the need for change.  

Because that’s how we’ve always changed this country – not from the top-down, but from the bottom-up; when you – the American people – decide that the stakes are too high and the challenges are too great. 

The other side can label and name-call all they want, but I trust the American people to recognize that it’s not surrender to end the war in Iraq so that we can rebuild our military and go after al Qaeda’s leaders.  I trust the American people to understand that it’s not weakness, but wisdom to talk not just to our friends, but our enemies – like Roosevelt did, and Kennedy did, and Truman did.  

I trust the American people to realize that while we don’t need big government, we do need a government that stands up for families who are being tricked out of their homes by Wall Street predators; a government that stands up for the middle-class by giving them a tax break; a government that ensures that no American will ever lose their life savings just because their child gets sick.  Security and opportunity; compassion and prosperity aren’t liberal values or conservative values – they’re American values.”

It’s our party- we can win if we want to

Here’s why nobody should pay attention to the media’s premature post-mortems and breathless accounts of the “floundering” Democratic party:

The general election will be won by a Democrat.

I say this not out of arrogance or unbridled overconfidence in my political party of choice, but rather out of a realization that the Democrats are riding the wave of discontent in America- and because of this, they will surf to shore rather than eat sand in a massive, GOP-sponsored wipeout, contrary to many a political Op-Ed.

The democrats have the majority of America on their side, and they’re unified by one common theme. They hate Bush. They hate him, mock him, and want to forget him. We Americans don’t have a far-reaching national memory, and we want to get over the Bush presidency as fast as we can. America wants to move on. Because of this sentiment and McCain’s irrevocable ties to Bush, pandering to the religious right, and complete disconnect with what modern America needs, the Democrats will win.

Voter turnout for the Democrats is a little-discussed but election-changing trend- Democrats make up roughly 63% of all primary voters.

Though McCain is currently being held unaccountable for any of his gaffes/misstatements/idiotic policies, just wait until the dems get their nominee. My advice to Democrats? Let’s unite behind Obama and finish this thing. Let’s focus on John McCain, not an egomaniacal pastor (who’s recent debacle was orchestrated by the Clinton camp- more on that later) or American flag pins. Let’s win in November, because we can if we want to.

Got inspiration?

Come on, Indiana- let’s win this nomination!

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