New Price of Oil: 4,000 American Lives

As I watched Keith Olbermann’s spectacular Special Comment in which he rightly lambasts President Bush for his arrogant, futile and reckless administration, I felt deep sadness.

I felt this sadness because I realized that I am living under the leadership of a man who bullheadedly denied all evidence that contradicted his desire to go to war in Iraq, and to be, as he once gleefully told a reporter, a “wartime president.” It pains me that 4,000 Americans have died and many more are maimed for life, and for what? They certainly haven’t died to fight terrorism, because the terrorists were in Afghanistan. They certainly haven’t died to protect our safety, because Iraq posed no nuclear threat. There are laws in place that prevent the filming of coffins coming home from Iraq. Why is this? Because if we don’t see it, then it must not exist.

There is an agreement that has been put before the Iraqi government in which it would cede 70-80% of their oil to the United States. However, they are unwilling to give us such a large slice of the pie, and this reluctance is drawing out Iraqi-American negotiations. In 2001, Vice President Dick Cheney hosted a series of meetings with a group of energy industry representatives and lobbyists. From these meetings, the Bush administration unveiled a controversial National Energy Plan, which consisted chiefly of $33 billion in public subsidies and tax cuts for the oil, coal, and nuclear power industries, as well as provisions to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for industrial oil drilling.

The reason George W. Bush truly wanted to go into Iraq was for the oil-  and now that it’s probable that we won’t get our 80% of Iraqi oil (because who really wants to be weaned off our foreign oil dependency, anyway?) he will have failed at that, too. Bush and his twin, John McCain, want to stay in Iraq not for some high minded debt we think we owe the Iraqi government/people, but rather for the same prize that has motivated nearly every action of the Bush administration since 2000: Oil.

The responsibility for the loss of 4,000 Americans rests squarely on George Bush’s shoulders. The barbaric torture practiced by his administration is completely un-American, and not only that, but inhuman.  Bush exploited the fears of post-9/11 America so that he could plunge the US further into the oil-dependent abyss we’re in. 4,000 lives were lost so that oil companies could continue to profit and Americans could keep fueling their gas-guzzling SUVs. President Bush has become so apathetic to basic human rights that he was perfectly willing to destroy families, send 20-year-olds to be blown up by suicide bombers, and make American citizens more vulnerable because of a thinly-spread, overextended military. This war, as Keith Olbermann said, is George Bush’s war.

I pledge allegiance to the flag, the Constitution, and the United States of America- but not to its President. Oil prices have risen again, and now, we see that the true cost of oil is not just $100 a barrel, but 4,000 American lives. And counting.

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