“Mama’s Girl”

Let me begin by explaining that I have a very unusual relationship with my mom. Unlike many people my age, I don’t hate, resent, or want to differentiate myself from my mom. I’m happy that I look just like her and that I have the same tendency to talk with my hands in a way that’s worthy of even the most enthusiastic Italian (though we’re not Italian). I steal her clothes, jewelry and makeup all the time and she’s totally Ok with it. I’m happy to hear her wisdom (most of the time) in the wonderfully new-age-y way she provides it (self-help books, pep talks and mantras, etc). My mom has never stopped believing in me, even when I have my moments of self-doubt. I have no idea how I will ever live up to her: She raises three kids, works and still manages to come home and make dinner worthy of any five-star restaurant. Every night. And she’s personable and fun to be around, too!

My dilemma is that I am undeniably a “mama’s girl.” When I go to college, I’ll have to pack her up in a suitcase and bring her with me. I’ll have to have an embarrassing backpack because I’ll need to carry her around in it from class to class- school rules be damned! My roommate will have to move out into the hallway and I’ll get hated.

Ok, so I exaggerate a little. But the bottom line is that I have always been a mama’s girl and always will be. A while ago, my mom and I were brushing our teeth and discussing John McCain’s budget plan simultaneously. As I spit out the toothpaste foam to emphasize my distaste with J. McC, I realized that not many parents discuss politics with their election-coverage-happy children the way my mother does, and that I’m pretty lucky.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama! Je t’aime!

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Dear future readership,

Today is the maiden voyage of my blog, and because this is the first post I ever write, I want to discuss the mission of this blog.

Many women today think that, in order to be taken seriously, they must act/think/dress like men. I beg to differ! I propose that we embrace our femininity and all the things that make us so! Because I think you can be serious, smart and a girlie girl, I discuss politics, my obsession, as well as my experience with makeup, the dermatologist, hair care, clothes- whatever fits my mood. “Hey Manda!” is the Elle Woods of weblogs!

Today’s political topic is my frustration with conservatives in general. I am tired of hearing them extoll the same 30-year-old policies that simply don’t fit today’s society anymore! For example, the war in Iraq- it isn’t financially or socially responsible to spend $15 billion a month sending young men and women to die for a nonexistent cause. They say that we liberals are focusing on the past when we talk about the fact that getting into this war was a mistake. I disagree, because each time a life is lost, it calls to question the purpose for which they died. The nonexistent cause is in the present, and we can’t just brush it aside. Furthermore, we don’t have enough manpower to continue this war for an infinite number of years- a draft would have to be implemented. I don’t know about you, but the idea of my guy friends or a future boyfriend or my brother being sent to die for THIS war makes me sick. This is our generation that will fight this war if we elect John McCain, just as our generation will be paying off the war debt.

Girlie Stuff: What you should buy at the drugstore vs. department store:

Drugstore: mascara, because it only lasts for three months and then it starts to clump. Don’t spend a ton of money on it! By far the best mascara I’ve ever had (and I’ve owned up to seven mascaras at once) is Covergirl Lash Exact. Lipgloss is generally safe to buy at the drugstore, as is eyeliner. Translucent powder is ok here too.

Department store: foundation/concealer, because you NEED to try them on to make sure they match your skin perfectly. 90% of what’s out there is pink-toned, but only about 10% of people actually have pink-toned skin. Also, Clinique makes the best eye shadow, and their Superbalm lipgloss is the least sticky lipgloss I’ve ever tried!

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