We Hate Smart People Because (Republican) Politicians Tell Us To

The current presidential election has brought into the collective psyche a hatred for intellectualism. This sentiment was created by Republican politicians (we can trace the current brand to its origins in the 2000 election, though elements of it have been floating around in the cultural stratosphere for some time) who think that the vast majority of Americans are too stupid to realize that, while they tout their everyman/woman-ness, they are also ivy-league grads and, compared to your average joe, fabulously wealthy. The reason we hate intellectuals is because politicians can fool us into believing (as we did in the 2000 election) that intellectuals are somehow out-of-touch. I think that idea has been disproven through the trials and tribulations of the failed Bush administration. Would Al Gore or John Kerry have been as “out-of-touch” as George W. Bush? My guess is, probably not, because Al Gore wouldn’t have denied global warming (and dismissed it as a figment of the liberal imagination, no less) and John Kerry would not have Ok’d the barbaric torture tactics that are currently being used. In either case, the candidate that was branded as “out of touch” and “elitist” would have been the smarter choice. Therefore, whenever the Republicans start calling someone elitist, we should all take that as an incentive to run, not walk, to the polls, and vote for them. We need to stop being distracted by who may or may not wear an enameled piece of metal (the flag pin) on their lapel and pay attention to the fact that, by electing a Republican, we will turn back the clock on human rights through an all-conservative court. We need to stop thinking that Barack isn’t patriotic enough, because he’s running for president, and he wouldn’t be doing so if he hated America. We need to stop being the wheelbarrow, hat, dog, or boot in the Republican game of Monopoly.

The funny thing is, the Republicans have invented this concept of a liberal elite that they are able to contrast to their own “normalcy.” What is rarely, if ever, mentioned, is that there is a much larger group of conservative elites- you know, the elite class that actually benefits from Bush’s economic policy?

Now, we see Barack Obama, who was raised by a single mother and whose family had to go on food stamps, being called out of touch. You know what’s really out of touch? Thinking that we’ll believe it this time around.

America: If you like a candidate because they seem like you could have a beer with them, then have a beer with them. Don’t make them President.

This is America- “Yes, We Can.”

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