“Mama’s Girl”

Let me begin by explaining that I have a very unusual relationship with my mom. Unlike many people my age, I don’t hate, resent, or want to differentiate myself from my mom. I’m happy that I look just like her and that I have the same tendency to talk with my hands in a way that’s worthy of even the most enthusiastic Italian (though we’re not Italian). I steal her clothes, jewelry and makeup all the time and she’s totally Ok with it. I’m happy to hear her wisdom (most of the time) in the wonderfully new-age-y way she provides it (self-help books, pep talks and mantras, etc). My mom has never stopped believing in me, even when I have my moments of self-doubt. I have no idea how I will ever live up to her: She raises three kids, works and still manages to come home and make dinner worthy of any five-star restaurant. Every night. And she’s personable and fun to be around, too!

My dilemma is that I am undeniably a “mama’s girl.” When I go to college, I’ll have to pack her up in a suitcase and bring her with me. I’ll have to have an embarrassing backpack because I’ll need to carry her around in it from class to class- school rules be damned! My roommate will have to move out into the hallway and I’ll get hated.

Ok, so I exaggerate a little. But the bottom line is that I have always been a mama’s girl and always will be. A while ago, my mom and I were brushing our teeth and discussing John McCain’s budget plan simultaneously. As I spit out the toothpaste foam to emphasize my distaste with J. McC, I realized that not many parents discuss politics with their election-coverage-happy children the way my mother does, and that I’m pretty lucky.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama! Je t’aime!

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