In Defense of “Judas” #2 and the First Amendment

“I hope that Joe Andrew gets a taste of what he did to Hillary Clinton. Too bad he changed his flight reservations on 9/11.”

This was a comment that I received from a Hillary Clinton supporter. While I definitely don’t think that all Hillary supporters have nearly as much hate-and yes- bitterness in their hearts as this person, I think that this comment shows how some in her campaign are viciously and angrily responding to Joe Andrew’s switch from supporting Clinton to supporting Obama.

We could all predict it. When New Mexico governor Bill Richardson endorsed Barack Obama for president, the Clintons called him “Judas.” Well, if Hillary Clinton is “Jesus,” I don’t really want to be “saved” by such a negative campaign.

According to the particular Clinton supporter I quoted, and to some in the Clinton campaign, you’re not allowed to change your mind in this country. You aren’t allowed to speak freely. In their view of the world, you had better keep quiet once you start thinking differently.

Apparently, they were absent during their junior high social studies class, because isn’t it a fundamental right in this country to be able to express your opinion? Maybe, like so many things in the Clintons’ world, the rules have changed.

I don’t hate Hillary. I hate the way she is running her campaign. I write in defense of “Judas” #2, former DNC chairman Joe Andrew. He is allowed to speak his mind and change it if he pleases. He is allowed because this is the United States of America.

This is a moment in history that we should be celebrating- we will have either the first African-American or first woman president come November. We’re all seeing it happen! We’re witnessing it! But if we spend our time feeling anger in our hearts towards our fellow Democrats and countrymen, then we miss the point completely. However, I’m definitely included in this because I experience many a moment of frustration with those who think differently than me. Despite my own imperfection, I ask any of you who might share the above person’s views to please reconsider and ask yourselves if you really want to stand for such negativity. I don’t have an issue with Hillary supporters being Hillary supporters, I have an issue with people who think that others with a differing opinion should be silenced. The First Amendment guarantees us the right to express ourselves through freedom of speech, and this is a right that we should all respect and embrace.