Gas Tax holiday= Band-Aid solution

Hillary Clinton and John McCain have announced that they both support a Gas Tax holiday over the summer in order to ease the pain of rising gas prices.

While some may say that this holiday is well-intentioned, I beg to differ. The proposition of lifting the Gas Tax would prove catastrophic for the 300,000 Americans who economists say would lose their jobs as a result. The intention is clearly to win votes at any cost. HRC is at the helm of a campaign that truly lives from primary to primary, and this new stunt is an obvious attempt to fight another day.

Ironic that HRC, the candidate who “fights” for the “little guy,” wants to implement a measure that would result in so many jobs being lost…

As for John McCain, his willingness to support a Gas Tax holiday only reaffirms his complete misunderstanding of the economy and of voters.

Both candidates advocate a short-sighted solution that will only serve as a Band-Aid for our wounded wallets. If America wants to stop paying so much for gas, then the government should invest in using alternative fuel sources, not in placating us by giving us an attractive sound byte to listen to.

This revelation by McCain and Clinton rests at the crux of our problems as a nation. Old-school politicians seek to placate the American people by offering them quick fixes for their problems that further their own political agenda rather than actually working to help the American people.

So thank you, John and Hillary, for letting us differentiate more easily between yourselves and Obama.

Instead of pseudo-republican/pseudo-democrat vs. democrat, we can see them as desperate panderers vs. the altruist. Obama proves again that his judgement trumps any experience the other candidates have.