Messages from Obamaland and McSameland

Even if you’re a McSame supporter, you can probably appreciate the optimism with which many of my fellow registered Obama supporters are looking to the future, and helping our candidate in any way we can. I took random samplings of the first couple comments on different blog posts from both candidates’ blogs, and there is a marked difference in tone.

Samples from Obama’s Blog (there are more in Obama’s category because I was so disgusted with the McCain supporters talking about how he’s planning some massive Islamic “jihad” that I didn’t want to put them here, even though they would have been part of the random sampling)

“I am from the old school, I don’t know how to donate on line. I sent my donation, a small one, through the snail mail. I want Barack as my president.”

“Barack Obama has united people from all walks of life and will continue to do so.”

“As a teacher, I think that Obama’s no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is approach is a great beginning to a welcome overhaul to our education system.”

‘”we” the rank and file party members, $25 donors, the people most affected by washington and least heard are fielding a candidate that truly represents “us” for the first time since FDR.”

“Today, something monumental is happening- we have a candidate that does not have any allegiances owed to deep pocketed contributors or lobbyists.”


McCain’s Blog:

“Here’s a link to Obama proving that he was in church during hate-filled sermons!!”

“It sems that a huge portion of the Democratic base are not willing to support a very liberal candidate with questionable allegiance to our country! Imagine that! John McCain needs only two commercials to win this election, both produced by the Democratic party. The first, Senator Clinton’s “3:00a.m. phone call”ad, and the second, courtesy of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.”

“Act like adults, not like the Obama supporters.”

“Yes, JSM is by far the most qualified candidate. And I’m glad you recognize the trolls for what they are…annoying.”

These are completely random selections, and by “random” I mean that I just took the first couple from each blog. I think these comments illustrate an interesting point- that Obama’s optimistic look towards the future inspires both love and hatred in people, but the choice is ours: Will we turn to love or hate? Will we turn to the past or to the future? Will we learn and move our nation forward or keep making the same mistakes?

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