McCain VP Choice Exposes True Intentions

“Today, John McCain put [Sarah Palin] the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency. Governor Palin shares John McCain’s commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade, the agenda of Big Oil and continuing George Bush’s failed economic policies — that’s not the change we need, it’s just more of the same,” said Bill Burton, Obama Campaign Spokesman.

What does it show you when a possible President of the United States chooses a second in command with absolutely no foreign policy experience ever? What does it show you when a possible President chooses a second in command who is willing to tear up Alaska for oil when it will profit the ever-powerful oil comapanies far more than the consumer? What does it show you when a possible President is trying to throw a woman on the ballot to steal the remaining rabid Hillary supporters who care more about their own petty disappointment than the wellbeing of the nation? It shows desperation, recklessness, and idiocy.

And the Republicans will probably try to push their “feminism” at the RNC, while they are simultaneously trying to get a man who consistently votes against bills that promote women’s equality elected.

No woman should vote Republican, and no woman planning on voting for John McCain should call herself a feminist, whatever they may say at the RNC.  While women still earn 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, while discrimination in the workplace occurs on a wide scale, while the woman’s right to choose is threatened, no sane woman should vote for John McCain.

Because McCain chose a running mate in an attempt to pander to “Hillary suporters” in order to get him through an election instead of a running mate who would be a good advisor in terms of foreign affairs, environmental or economic policy, it is completely fair to say that he has his self-interest at the heart of his decision, not the interest of the American people.

America, you are being pandered to SHAMELESSLY. Ask yourselves this: Would you want to be a passenger on a plane that was piloted by someone who had never flown an airplane before? If that idea makes you slightly uncomfortable, then how do you feel about Palin, only a step away from the Presidency, possibly controlling the world superpower with ZERO foreign policy experience?

John McCain was irresponsible in choosing Palin. Then again, this is nothing new- After all, he was irresponsible in supporting Bush’s war, he was irresponsible in voting against the Equal Pay Act, he is irresponsible in his disregard for the wellbeing of the middle class, and he is irresponsible for guaranteeing us an America where health benefits will be taxed, women will lose the right to choose, further alienation from the international community will make us even more isolated, and most of all, he is irresponsible in his pretense at fiscal responsibility when the war in Iraq costs the strained American economy 10 billion dollars a month.

By the way, that 10 billion a month is enough to cover universal healthcare, universal preschool, and still have 50 million dollars left over.

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  1. you go gurrrrl! exactly right — this is just crazy and it will backfire in a big way on the GOP. Just wait for the first Biden v. Palin debate. she ain’t no barracuda, she’ll be a guppy in the mouth of a huge shark. she ain’t ready and she ain’t right. Let the dems show we ARE a better america than that!!!

    OBAMA/BIDEN ’08.

  2. HOMEGIRL! She’s Back! Holla atcha girl. Whatcha say, you don’t want none of this. I got ya back Manda.

    OK, OK, Tag me, Tag me. I’m ready. DO YOU SMELL WHAT Manda is cooking.

  3. […] YOU MUST READ WHAT HEY MANDA! SAID. “McCain VP Choice Exposes True Intentions“ […]

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