Repetitive or Revolutionary? An Analysis of Obama’s Rhetoric

Recently, I’ve been having some feelings of frustration whenever I hear Barack Obama speak. While I agree with his political philosophy a thousand times more than I do McCain’s, I’ve been feeling like there’s something missing. Why does he always sound the same? Why, when he has even more detailed healthcare, environmental and economic plans than McCain, does he continue to speak in vague, all-encompassing terms that we know all too well from his stump speech?

Despite the nonspecific nature of his rhetoric, Barack Obama presents a potentially revolutionary political argument by doing just that. His campaign is rooted firmly in the idea that we have focused our cultural microscope on the small, trivial side of politics, and that we must incorporate grand aspirations into the American psyche in order to keep the petty from diverting actual policies from being passed. In a sense, his vaulting speech is a metaphor for his prescribed remedy for America’s cultural dis-ease. When 80% of the country thinks we’re going in the wrong direction, Obama recommends that we all keep in mind the ultimate goal, which is to preserve the American dream. Obama’s “theory” indicates that in order to accomplish the specifics, an overriding vision is necessary, and that is something that John McCain is sorely lacking.

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  1. First, glad to see you’re back.

    Well I think he will be criticized if he goes into detail or is vague. Most people do not look deeper into the issues like we do. They only go by the soundbites. I believe he is trying to play to both. Give just enough detail without boring the novice voters and provide references to where to find more detail for the people like us who seek more.

    John McCain’s plan is basically George W. Bush & Dick Cheney’s plan with a new shiny label on it.

    Anyway, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens tonight when Hillary speaks.

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