Mother Earth Disowns Republican Senators

Let me say this: The priorities of Republican senators are all screwed up. In their most recent act of thick-skulled incomprehension in a long line of acts of thick-skulled incomprehension, Republican senators blocked the passing of a bill that sought to reduce American emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases by nearly 70% by 2050. The bill was viewed as a step in the right direction, but by no means the solution to the climate crisis. While the Republicans went on and on about industry and how inconvenient and costly it would be to implement the bill, our planet heaved another sigh of despair, saying to itself, “here we go again.”

Nobody ever said that dealing with climate change would be a cake walk, but last time I checked, America stands for something. We should reconnect with our better selves and acknowledge the huge challenge that is dealing with climate change. America’s brand stands on the pioneer spirit that led our forefathers to the colonies, that led the settlers west, that led us to the moon- we are not a nation built on petty cynicism and stick-in-the-mud mindsets. Republican senators, who seem to be wearing thick, foggy glasses that render them incapable of differentiating between the wellbeing of the earth and mankind rather than their constituency’s temporary convenience, have apparently forgotten this fact. If there’s one thing we can learn from the Republicans further inhibiting our ability to progress as a society, it’s that we must elect Barack Obama. Our senators have proved that the current American brand has been reconfigured to include George Bush’s obtuse denials of the climate crisis. We must not let this happen again.

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