Once-Inevitable-Hillary Accuses Everyone of “Sexism”

In light of Hillary Clinton’s recent allegations that people want her out of the race because they are “sexist,” I have to address the misconception that people who do not support a candidate can be boxed into such divisive terms as “sexist” or “racist” merely because they prefer another candidate. Interesting that there was no mention of “sexism” when she was the inevitable candidate who once proclaimed “It will be over by February 5th.”

As I watch political news, I see that we can, in effect, predict who will win a state’s primary based on the constituencies of each candidate. For example, West Virginia and Kentucky have few blacks and many whites without college degrees, so we could all predict that it would go for Clinton. North Carolina has a large black population, Oregon is more progressive, and Vermont has a lot of “latte liberals” or liberals with college degrees, so those states went for Obama.

But the misconception among, well, everyone, is that if you don’t support Hillary Clinton, then you don’t support a woman president, or that if you don’t support Barack Obama, then you’re a racist. While in some states like West Virginia where 20% of voters said that race was a factor in their vote, it is simply wrong to assume that we as a society are locked in a retrograde pattern for all eternity. To those who wonder if Obama is “electable enough,” he’s won 33 states to Hillary’s 17 and has raised much more money than either other candidate. Wouldn’t that lead someone to believe that he is electable?

While we can often predict who will vote for which candidate, we can’t define them in such general and divisive terms as “anti-woman-president” or “racist” in terms of who they do not support. For example, I fully support a woman president- I do not, however, support Hillary Clinton for president.

It is typical of Hillary to use the Republican playbook, especially the old Divide and Polarize Manouvre. Now, it seems that you’re either pro-Hillary or “sexist” with nothing in between.

This is the last anti-Hillary post I will write. I will now focus on John McCain, Obama’s opponent in the general election.

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  1. I’m sorry for always commenting, but again I agree with you 100%. The only way I can think that best express my approval of what you’ve just said is to have a B-Boy moment. “YOU GO AMANDA.” You all got to holla at your girl. She’s spittin’ knowledge to y’all out there.

    Alright I’m back.

    Again, I agree with you. I believe that it’s an example of how undemocratic SOME of Hillary’s supporters can be by even suggesting the things they are saying in polls and interviews.

    I’ve ended my focus on Hillary. Now we’ll get to really hear the non-sense from the McCain/Bush republicans. But we’re ready for them. Perhaps we’ll get a picture of ole John hugging George like a little kid again while they’re at their fundraiser in AZ today.

  2. Yeah because Obama’s people don’t keep saying if you don’t vote for him you’re a racist. Kind of Like the pot calling the kettle… crap never mind.

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