It’s our party- we can win if we want to

Here’s why nobody should pay attention to the media’s premature post-mortems and breathless accounts of the “floundering” Democratic party:

The general election will be won by a Democrat.

I say this not out of arrogance or unbridled overconfidence in my political party of choice, but rather out of a realization that the Democrats are riding the wave of discontent in America- and because of this, they will surf to shore rather than eat sand in a massive, GOP-sponsored wipeout, contrary to many a political Op-Ed.

The democrats have the majority of America on their side, and they’re unified by one common theme. They hate Bush. They hate him, mock him, and want to forget him. We Americans don’t have a far-reaching national memory, and we want to get over the Bush presidency as fast as we can. America wants to move on. Because of this sentiment and McCain’s irrevocable ties to Bush, pandering to the religious right, and complete disconnect with what modern America needs, the Democrats will win.

Voter turnout for the Democrats is a little-discussed but election-changing trend- Democrats make up roughly 63% of all primary voters.

Though McCain is currently being held unaccountable for any of his gaffes/misstatements/idiotic policies, just wait until the dems get their nominee. My advice to Democrats? Let’s unite behind Obama and finish this thing. Let’s focus on John McCain, not an egomaniacal pastor (who’s recent debacle was orchestrated by the Clinton camp- more on that later) or American flag pins. Let’s win in November, because we can if we want to.

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