Gas Tax holiday= Band-Aid solution

Hillary Clinton and John McCain have announced that they both support a Gas Tax holiday over the summer in order to ease the pain of rising gas prices.

While some may say that this holiday is well-intentioned, I beg to differ. The proposition of lifting the Gas Tax would prove catastrophic for the 300,000 Americans who economists say would lose their jobs as a result. The intention is clearly to win votes at any cost. HRC is at the helm of a campaign that truly lives from primary to primary, and this new stunt is an obvious attempt to fight another day.

Ironic that HRC, the candidate who “fights” for the “little guy,” wants to implement a measure that would result in so many jobs being lost…

As for John McCain, his willingness to support a Gas Tax holiday only reaffirms his complete misunderstanding of the economy and of voters.

Both candidates advocate a short-sighted solution that will only serve as a Band-Aid for our wounded wallets. If America wants to stop paying so much for gas, then the government should invest in using alternative fuel sources, not in placating us by giving us an attractive sound byte to listen to.

This revelation by McCain and Clinton rests at the crux of our problems as a nation. Old-school politicians seek to placate the American people by offering them quick fixes for their problems that further their own political agenda rather than actually working to help the American people.

So thank you, John and Hillary, for letting us differentiate more easily between yourselves and Obama.

Instead of pseudo-republican/pseudo-democrat vs. democrat, we can see them as desperate panderers vs. the altruist. Obama proves again that his judgement trumps any experience the other candidates have.


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  1. I came across your blog on Technorati. Nice site layout. I will stop by and read more soon.

    Mike Harmon

  2. How about all the truck drivers and owners that could lose their jobs because of high gas prices? How about all those that could lose their jobs because the parts they need didn’t get to them because the truckers couldn’t aford the fuel? I think McCain and Hillary at least are trying to help those that need it! Where as Obama could care less about the blue collar workers!

  3. While I totally agree with the need for relief from high gas prices and all the examples you used, and while I agree that we need to help the blue collar workers, the lifting of the gas tax will not solve the long term problem, and in the meantime, it creates a whole new problem of 300,000 jobs being lost. I don’t see how that’s “caring for the blue collar workers.” I think the solution is having the government spearhead the movement to make alternate fuel sources more available to the masses and to decrease our dependency on oil. Saving $25 from a gas tax holiday isn’t going to save the blue collar workers (like truck drivers, etc) from losing their jobs, as you imply. McCain and Hillary do blue collar workers a disservice by wanting them to accept $25 instead of solving the real problem.
    As for Obama not caring about blue collar workers, his political career began as working as a community organizer on the south side of chicago who worked with steel mill workers who had lost their jobs. I’d hardly say that he “couldn’t care less about the blue collar workers,” seeing as his career began by working for blue collar workers.

  4. I totally agree with the idea that JMcC and HRC are playing for the little guy.

    While BO is not my guy, I respect his response to this proposal- stop messing around and get a serious Gov policy pointed towards reducing petro consumption by 25, 30, 50 percent or whatever within the next 5-10 years.

    Not only does is it better for the “little guy” long-term, but it can create job opportunities for those displaced by the exodus of jobs from the auto industryan etc.

  5. Clinton and McCain aren’t suggesting that the gas tax holiday would solve the problem of rising gas prices. They are both aware of that. However, they think that the tax holiday will stall the rising gas prices, which will help in the short run. I haven’t heard Obama say any concrete plans on how to get his goals accomplished in respect to rising gas prices.

    I think Obama cares just as much for the blue collar workers as Clinton and McCain. All of the candidates care deeply about what happens to the country. It is evident by all of there histories. But it is not fair to say Clinton and McCain are changing there views to get primary votes. Obama is doing it as well. It is called being a politician.

    Historically speaking, things like this gas tax holiday have worked. For example, Roosevelt’s bank holiday worked miraculously. Once again, it wasn’t a permanent fix, but it gave the government vaulable time. When facing an economic problem, there are four types of lag. There is recognition lag, response lag, implementation lag, and effect lag. By coming up with temporary fixes like this it decreases the negative economic effects during the response and implementation lags.

  6. Charlie,

    The reason that economists are slamming the plan is because it won’t work. It will actually raise the price of gas because of the demand that will follow.It will HELP oil companies.
    As to the bank holiday from Roosevelt’s presidency, they are two completely different things. You can’t equate them because they both have “holiday” in the name. Getting rid of the gas tax would not benignly buy time, it would result in the loss of 300,000 jobs, take away $9 million from things like roadway repair (which would result in job loss) and raise the price of gas.
    So it is completely fair (and not just fair, but right) to say that John McCain and Hillary Clinton are pandering, because why else would they push for the implementation of such a ridiculous plan? Because voters are hurting and they’re vulnerable and they can take advantage of it.

    And about Hillary and McCain “caring” about blue collar workers? If they cared so much, they would be fighting against this idea, not propogating it for political gain.

  7. Just want to say its brilliant keep up the good work. I was too busy this week with other writings to really chime in on the weeks events. Keep up the great work.

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