Calling out McCain

While the Democrats finish their ever-winding path to the Convention, I will take the opportunity to call out John McCain on his budget plan et al that he plans to enact as President.

John, I know you’re getting a free ride now, but don’t think that I don’t see what kind of crazy talk you’re propogating.

For those of you who don’t know, John McCain plans to borrow almost 2 trillion dollars, cut spending on frivolous things like medical research, and give 5 trillion dollars in tax cuts over eight years to the rich and to big corporations in an attempt to achieve a “trickle down” effect. While our rich and poor are more polarized than ever and as the middle class rapidly disintegrates, I don’t think giving the rich even more money and creating an even greater disparity between rich and poor will help. We need to fight for the middle class, and that is one fight in which John McCain can’t call himself a hero.

While the Democrats argue over whether or not Obama’s an America-hater (who, because he hates America so much, wants to be the President), or whether or not Hillary’s cold, hard ambition will force the hands of the Superdelegates, John McCain is advocating another four years of the Bush tax cuts. “President” Bush is the only president in America’s history to offer a tax cut during a war. Along with the trillions of dollars that McCain plans to spend, he plans on continuing to spend $12-$15 billion a month in the Iraq war. Where is the fiscal responsibility that we need in a President? My bet’s on the Democrats, but you’d never know for all the bickering they’re doing at the moment.

Little known by many is the fact that if we were to be attacked on our own soil, our troops are spread so thin already that we wouldn’t be able to effectively deal with it. The war in Afghanistan has been virtually ignored while we went gallivanting off to Baghdad and they don’t have enough troops to do the work that needs to be done there- the work that should have been done long ago. We still haven’t found Osama Bin Laden. We’re not safer than we were seven or eight years ago. What are we winning, then?

We’re not winning. Many a Republican has told me that there’s no way that we can possibly back out now, and that it’s just not going to happen.

Firstly, what kind of mindset is that? “Nothing will ever change” doesn’t ever facilitate positive change. Ever.

Secondly, the Democrats aren’t advocating a careless, immediate withdrawal of troops. They’re advocating a well-planned, strategic antiblunder that would bring the troops home over time. The Republicans love to caricature the Democrats as wimps who want to surrender just because most of the population is against the war. The thing is, it’s not a question of “winning” or “surrendering,” but a question of responsibility. Should we be responsible for the rebuilding of Iraq when their government is rolling in money and they seem completely unwilling to help themselves? No. Should we be fiscally responsible and not spend $12-$15 billion a month on a war that we won’t win? Yes. Should we allow the conservative tactic of dividing and polarizing us as a nation to make us bullheadedly continue this disgrace of a war? No.

John McCain and his pointless repetition of “we can’t just leave” complete the goal of dividing and polarizing us, because in reality, nobody is saying that we should “just leave.” I think, however, that we should “just be responsible” and get our collective intelligence back by ending the war. We are being hurt by this war in ways that he refuses to acknowledge. You’d think a war hero would understand the world a little better, just as you’d want a President who understands the economy. McCain is neither.

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  1. ♪♫ John McCain♪♫ has admitted that he does not know much about ecomomics .

    How has he managed to stay a US Senator as long as he has without having addressed himself to economics? Is his bluster and B.S. that good? ….Possibly.

    He lost at least 3 Navy airplanes through his own fault. After 20 hours of actual combat and singing like a canary ♪♫ as a POW and he gets 28 medals and is lauded as a war hero.

    He mixes up Sunnis, Shiites and Al Qaeda and many Americans feel he is best qualified to manage Iraq.

    He jokes about bombing Iran ♪♫ BOMB, BOMB, BOMB, BOMB, BOMB ,BOMB, BOMB IRAN ♪♫


  2. OK, I completely agree with everything you said about the wars we are in currently and us forgetting about it. That is what is happening. But on the subject of economics, McCain isn’t to far off of a good plan. First off, I have addressed the nations debt in a previous comment. It isn’t bad. another 2 trillion dollars is nothing to add to the debt. And for all of those who fear China because they are buying up are debt, if we add 2 trillion to it, our debt would be more than China’s but not by much. China has been doubling their GDP for almost ten years now. Historically, that is the longest a country has ever managed to double their GDP for. If China follows the pattern, their economy will start turning and they will need to borrow more money as well.

    There is also this thing called the multiplier effect. The multiplier effect says that every dollar spent by the government is worth more than a dollar, because of it’s circulation or “trickle down” effect as Amanda or McCain phrased it. This is a good idea to stimulate the economy. It is similar to the economy stimulus checks that will be coming out soon. The difference is that the checks dollar amount depends on your income. If you make more, you get less. If you are upper class or upper middle class, you wont get a penny. This should be effective because it will put money in the hands of the people who spend the most, the poor. They don’t invest like the rich do. THIS IS THE BIG PROBLEM WITH MCCAIN’S PLAN! If you give money to the rich, the multiplier effect won’t be as big, and it won’t stimulate the economy because the money will be invested rather than spent.

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