Active involvement vs. cynical spectatorship

The good thing about this Democratic primary is that more people are starting to give a damn about what happens in politics. The downside is that a lot of people still don’t give enough of a damn to really research the candidates. In a Knowledge Networks recent poll of 1,844 adults, 15% think that Barack Obama is a Muslim. I googled “barack obama muslim” out of curiosity. Every single website on the first page (that’s the only one I looked at) disproved the rumor. In effect, it would only take a quick google search to learn that he is, in fact, not a Muslim. One would have to actually try to search for a website that says that he is a Muslim.

This brings me to my point, and that is that I’m tired of people telling me that they don’t really care about politics. People need to get informed! They need to do so by watching political news. Lots of political news. Why? Because the more you watch it, the less you’re at the mercy of the bias of reporters. If you watch the news enough to know the biases of the individual reporters, then you can mix all the information together, put it through a strainer, and be left with the truth. It’s the people who don’t watch/listen to/read political news who are at the mercy of the biases of the reporters. This is because they don’t know enough about their reporting style to be able to distinguish truth from elaboration or understatement.

In conclusion, people need to give even more of a damn about this election because it’s the one time in four years where the people have a say in politics. It’s not difficult to be informed. Political news is on in the morning, on CNN and MSNBC. It is on during the day. It is on at night. Articles can be easily accessed through use of Google and voters can look at campaign websites. You can read my blog and benefit from my (probably overly extensive) research. There is simply no excuse to be uninformed. Anyone who says that they “don’t have the time” is lying, because information can be learned in a matter of seconds. This election should matter enough that people spend some time each day making sure that they know what’s going on. It’s time for active involvement and an end to the cynical spectatorship that has long characterized the American people’s involvement in politics.

But you’re already reading this blog so as to be more informed, so give yourself a pat on the back. I’m ranting about all the Not-You’s in the world!

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  1. wow i totally agree! i used to be one of those people who didn’t really care but now that we are finally going to have a new president and our nation is pretty much going into debt i am going to try and stay more informed!

  2. Great blog.

    Here is some information about the debt Paige.

    The Outstanding Public Debt as of 22 Apr 2008 at 02:44:08 AM GMT is: $9.377 trillion and is increasing by $1.53 billion a day. Bill Clinton was the last president since Truman to actually work on paying off some of the debt. The thing is, the debt isn’t bad. We are never going to have to pay it off. A lot of it is debt that is owned by American citizens(i.e. bonds) and the rest is owned by foreign countries such as China. China’s national debt is 9.86 trillion dollars. That is 500 billion greater than the U.S.’s. My point is that everyone has a debt. It doesn’t matter really. No one expects anyone to pay, because everyone owes everyone. So smile and don’t worry we are doing all right.

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