Hillary wants to be shepherdess- this “sheep” says no

Who is Hillary Clinton? Over the course of this election so far, we’ve seen Fighter Hillary, Soft Hillary, Sympathetic Hillary, Angry Hillary, SNL Hillary, Anti-NAFTA Hillary, Everywoman Hillary, Indiana Bar-Hopping Hillary, Bowling Hillary, Inevitable Candidacy Hillary, Underdog Hillary and Hillary the Comeback Kid.

Her most recent incarnation seems to be that of NRA Hillary as she reprimands Barack Obama’s comments that small-town Americans turn to religion and personal armament because of a lack of confidence in their government. HRC has called his comments “elitist and out of touch.”

This coming from the woman who made $109 million in the last few years and whose political career is the definition of elitist politics…

First of all, I know that Obama’s words were chosen poorly, but the meaning shouldn’t insult anyone. Then again, it probably did insult the same crowd whose opinion of him was influenced by his recent bowling mishap. However, with Hillary’s recent pro-gun-totin’ revelation, it should be noted that she thinks we’re idiots.

By “we” I mean everyday people, the non-politicians. If she honestly believes that, after everyone knows that she’s about as liberal as you can get, that suddenly she’s going to be believable as the 2nd amendment crusader, then she must think that we’re all sheep. Not only does she think that we’re sheep- she thinks that we’re sheep who will be swayed by every word she says. Everyone knows that Hillary is a Democrat with a capitalized, bolded, italicized “D.” She wants to be the shepherdess of the “sheep,” but this “sheep” says no, because her thinly-veiled attempt to look like the Everywoman makes her more elitist and out of touch than ever, and it does nothing to help the fact that more people have voted for Obama than either her or Senator McCain.

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